The story of the wine starts in the vineyard, so we invited legendary Professor Kraus to select the most suitable varieties for each plot. He took into account not only the type of soil and location, but also the air flow in different growing seasons. Vineyards surrounded by​​ underground thermal springs and unique salt marshes, which are the remnants of seabed which dried out. VILAVIN has 18 plots on 3 hills divided into 7 vineyard tracks with different subsoils, each offering a characteristic expression – terroir. Daily care of vines, their aging and extraction of nutrients from deeper and deeper soil horizons gives more distinctive grapes. We grow a total of 8 varieties on 27 hectares: Chardonnay, Pálava, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Zweigeltrebe, Gewurtztraminer and Gruner Veltliner.

Winery building structured in a spirit of functionalism made sense only with full gravity-flow processing. In accordance with traditional winemaking we move grapes, must and wine between individual processing operations exclusively per gravity and at the same time in accordance with top quality winemaking concept – we use cryomaceration, controlled fermentation and battonage. Six levels gravity-flow winery is a unique building, where the form follows function, thus ensuring the most delicate processing without pumps.

We’ve built a brand new building to incorporate an ideal way of natural gravity-flow of grapes, mash, must juice and wine into this project. An ancient concept of gravity utilization is still highly relevant for premium winemaking and in addition brings significant energy savings.

Winemaking equipment located on six technological floor-levels incl. the subterranean is designed so that gravity itself – a source of clean energy – transports grapes, berries, mash, fermented mash, must, young wine and aged finished wine utilizing the very finest natural movement. The minimal distance between operations on each floor ensures efficient racking with the exclusion of unwanted oxidation.

The absence of pumping and filtration helps to retain naturally dissolved carbon dioxide after fermentation in the mature wine, which improves its taste. Value of the wine texture is preserved by using gravity instead of pumps also. Naturally dissolved CO2 has a positive effect on the overall taste profile making it more vivid.


Technological process of VILAVIN production fully utilizing sustainable gravity-flow from hand-harvested grape to finished wine is simply illustrated and described in the winery ecosystem drawing.

6-levels of winemaking itself is preceded with custom made full gravity-flow grape receipt line: grape sorting – grape destemming – berry sorting – berry crushing.


VILAVIN – 6 levels of full gravity-flow winemaking:

1.     white grapes maceration of skins / red grapes 1st fermentation

2.     pressing of white & red grape skins

3.     white must settling / red wine 2nd fermentation

4.     white wine fermentation / barrique barrel aging

5.     sur lie aging of young white wine

6. clarification of finished wine & bottling


VILAVIN – Greendeal for sustainability

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In November 2020, an article about our unique gravity winery was published on You can read an interview with cellar master Aleš Kaspar.

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