"Perfect home for birth of the wine"

Zdeněk Kaspar

Renewed family and winemaking tradition

The story of the VILAVIN gravity-flow winery begins in 1995 with the restitution of vineyards. We continue the family winemaking tradition of grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Family currently farms on 27 hectares of own vineyards in renowned wine villages Novosedly and Dobré Pole.

"Wine is magic, its processing magical, our relationship to it sentimental, its structure abstract, its effect dizziness, its knowledge culture, its color reality."

P. Starck

You can find traditional methods here

On the slopes, valleys and ridges, between protected landscape monuments and nature reserves, there are 7 vineyards, which are planted with vineyards of 8 varieties in the best years. Local slopes carry vineyards for generations.

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