Sauvignon Blanc

Late harvest, 2019, dry
The wine of golden color is richly developed in the aroma to the tone of nectarine, ripe
gooseberry and white capercaillie. In taste, tropical fruits stand out harmoniously
complemented by lush acidity and a medium-length finish.

wine region of Moravia
mikulovská subregion
novosedly wine village
vineyard track Kamenný vrch
Collection of grapes: 19.9.2019, sugar content of grapes 23,2° CNM, bottled 1.4.2020
on 9.4.2020: residual sugar 6,0 g / l, total acids 7,0 g / l quality: 409/20
Batch number: 01/19
ALK. 13% Vol.


Grasshopper, Moravian land, 2019, semi-dry
The wine of golden color with reflections stands out with a delicately perfumed aroma of
Rose and lilac. This semi-dry wine pleasantly balanced with acid and medium body thus
complements the taste of grapefruit and pineapple with a medium-long floral finish.

wine region of Moravia
mikulovská subregion
novosedly wine village
viniční Trat Slunečná
Collection of grapes: 23.9.2019, sugar content of grapes 22,8° CNM, bottled 30.7.2020
on 4.8.2020: residual sugar 10 g / l, total acids 6,9 g / l

Batch number: 02/19
ALK. 12% Vol.

Piot noir

Late harvest, 2019, dry
Ruby color with varietal typical lower intensity. Spicy aroma full of cranberries and
blackberries. Medium-full body is complemented by fruit acid with a predominance of
BlackBerry and aronia, medium-long aftertaste is resinous. A touch of French Barrique
barrels created a balanced wine with the potential of maturation.

wine region of Moravia
mikulovská subregion
novosedly wine village
ružová hora vineyard route
Collection of grapes: 8.10.2019, sugar content of grapes 24,2° CNM, bottled 30.7.2020
on 4.8.2020: residual sugar 0,3 g / l, total acids 4,4 g / l quality: 94N-20/51
Batch number: 04/19
ALK. 13% Vol.


Late harvest, 2019, dry
Rich golden color with intense fruity aroma of butter pears, nectarine, creamy caramel and
jasmine. Dry complex with fuller body and higher viscosity due to 9-month sur-lie
maturation. A full-bodied wine with a medium-length and slightly flowery finish caressed by
a French oak barrel from the beginning to the bottle.
Wine region: Moravia
Mikulovská subregion
Wine village Dobré Pole
Vineyard track Old

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